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Montjoie’s granite quarry The blue granite of Vire

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Located in Saint Michel de Montjoie, South-West of Vire, only a few kilometers from the Mont Saint Michel, the quarry of Montjoie is over 97 acres large.

Due to its bluish colour, our granite is called «bleu de Vire» (Virean bleue). A sound and homogeneous rock, this is a long lasting stone, very resistant and weatherproof, which guarantees an exceptional durability.

Our granite is used for all kind of works :

  • Building industry
  • Road, rails and waterways network
  • Industry
  • Rip-rapts
  • Harbour works
  • Works of art
  • Street furniture

Many works of art have been done with our granite, notably the unknown soldier’s tombstone under the Arc de Triomphe, the paving of the Roissy airport and of the Georges Pompidou square in Paris or even the Basilica in Lisieux.